The financial question

The money trouble is always at the top. The role of money is rather big in people’s lives. Having no money you can hardly live at all, because everything has its price. A person has to eat, get dressed, and learn. You need money for all of that. You also need money so that you can travel and see the world and be independent.

Having no money a person cannot do his job. Everyone needs material things to create something or realize his plans and achieve his goals. Money can help people to become happier, that’s why they say that money is good.

On another hand if a person has a plenty of money, he feels almighty. He can buy and do what he wants: traveling, buying expensive apartments, cars and the other luxury things. But such a person can also be unhappy because sincere love and friendship cannot be bought with the help of money. Money spoils a person too, he feels almighty and reckless, and he has no true friends. In the end he stays alone with his money. This is very sad, that is why it’s no sense to be jealous.

If a person earn a lot of money, he should be prudent. He should have wisdom to save money. Besides, spending money is a kind of art that is not available for everyone. A person has to be cautious to avoid debts.

Nowadays there are many young people who receive money from their parents and they don’t value money as a result. These teenagers can’t adapt to live independently. Certainly parents can give financial support, but they shouldn’t be too generous. Such a model of behavior can only spoil their children.

The question is where people spent their earned money is also rather interesting. A person wants to waste money, and he doesn’t consider it pointless. Another person prefers to spend money for insurance or savings.

If I had money enough, I would like to visit Asia and Africa. I think these places are magical and wonderful. I am sure that when you visit Asia and Africa, you find yourself in a different world. Africa’s history is very rich and has many amazing facts. I want to visit Japan too, because the culture, customs and traditions of this country are very important for me.